Celexion in the News
2014-10-01: CELEXION Granted Patents for Renewable Chemical Manufacturing

2014-07-09: CELEXION Granted Patents for SECANT Yeast Display

2014-04-02: CELEXION Partner Abcheck to use SECANT Yeast Display in Discovery Deal with Pierre Fabre

2013-10-25: CELEXION Completes Licensing Deal for SECANT Yeast Display and Antibody Library

Celexion is a bioengineering company that develops powerful platform technologies and products for partners in the pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural, and life science research sectors.  Founded in 2009, the company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and financed by Flagship Ventures and GE Healthcare Financial Services.

Celexion's primary technical focuses are in the functional engineering of proteins and cell lines.  For protein engineering applications, we have invented a novel protein display technology called the SECANT® Platform that enables complex proteins to be displayed on the surface of eukaryotic cells and rapidly interrogated for useful properties.  Additionally, we have developed a novel, fully human, full-length IgG antibody library for biotherapeutic lead generation. 

For cell-line engineering applications, we develop novel pathways and pathway components that enable cells to synthesize products including proteins, small molecules, and fuels.  We have also developed novel methods and enzymes that are used in the construction of chromosome-sized pieces of DNA to help our partners build novel synthetic pathways.

All of our technologies are available for licensing, so please Contact us for more information on how we might work together.